The Horror of Chiropterans – Scary Story Contest

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A monster is terrified by the scary child who lives above his bed…  A family of vampires moves into your neighborhood, and you begin to see bats outside your bedroom window at night…  

The Horror of Chiropterans

            On a calm and breezy evening, I was getting ready to go to bed, doing my normal routine; taking a warm shower, brushing my teeth with cold water, closing my bedroom door, and finally turning off the lights. But, as soon as I turned my bedroom lights off, an eerie sound started ringing in my ears. The lights above me start to flicker slowly. The sound of a heavy rainstorm from outside my window. The temperature in my room is starting to drop. That’s when I looked out my tiny window in the center of my small bedroom… An adorable girl with long blonde pigtails staring right at me from a big window in the massive frightening abandoned mansion across my street. The place was rumored to be haunted, filled with ghosts and spirits of the unknown. BANG!! The sound of ear-splitting thunder made me flinch. Then, I noticed that the little girl was gone, and so was the sound of rain. But, my whole bedroom was filled with the feeling of fear. I didn’t know what it was, I started pacing myself around the room uncontrollably. Hoping I could just go to bed and dream of sweet, tasty candy and colorful blooming roses.

I looked out my small window another time… A bat. I screamed at the top of my lungs, I could barely breathe after that. Then, it flew into my bedroom, one bat turned into two, two turned into three. One after another.

 Moments later, I could barely even see the lights on my ceiling. I was surrounded by fluttering wings, seeing thousands of fangs, their eyes turned blood red. I heard a disturbingly high-pitched voice, like the sound of a 5 year old from behind me, “I would love to know how it feels like to be a regular teenage girl”. I was stunned. Who was speaking? What did they mean? Where are they?

I feel everything disappearing. I feel like I’m falling out of touch with reality, everything I was scared of is gone. “Now you will know how it feels to be misunderstood”. I hear the awful voice speaking once again, I immediately snap back to reality, but this time, I felt different. I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t blink, I was the size of a small bat. Then I realized it was the little girl. She was a vampire, capturing kids and turning them into a bat to obey her rules. I was now one of them, a bone-chilling chiroptera.